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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: localclasspath
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 07:50:35 GMT
At 08:33  30/4/01 +0100, wrote:
>I'm sorry to keep pushing this, but I haven't had a response.


>> Has anyone else noticed the way that the LOCALCLASSPATH is constructed
>> differs between NT and Unix?  
>> Can I request that the ant libraries are added in the same way on both NT
>> and Unix?

You can request it - better if you sent a patch though ;)

>> If we change the way the ant libraries are added to LOCALCLASSPATH then
>> Ant will run, but will it compile (javac task) using LOCALCLASSPATH or
>> CLASSPATH?  If it compiles using LOCALCLASSPATH then we have a problem (at
>> least I think we do!).

Long story short - NEVER under ANY circumstances have two versions of same
libraries in classpath. Doing so can lead to odd issues everywhere ;) I
highly recomend you throw away jaxp/parser.jar and place xerces.jar in

The above would fix your problem ;) However you *can* compile having both
jars in classpath by explicitly setting classpaths and setting overide
value and maybe some magic properties (build.*). See docs for details.



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