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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Can <replace> use project filters?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 07:20:23 GMT
At 05:08  23/4/01 +1000, Jeff Turner wrote:
>If I have a bunch of project-wide filters:
><filter name="name" value="..."/>
><filter name="version" value="..."/>
>How can I apply them all to a single file?
>One would think that <replace> can do this, but <replace> requires a "token"
>attribute.  I could do it with:
><replace token="name" value=".." .. />
><replace token="version" value=".." .. />
>one <replace> per variable, but that's not very nice.
>If there is no easy way currently, can I make a feature request? :) I'd like
><replace>'s "token" attribute to be optional, and if not present, the
>project-wide filters are used.

We were planning to implement "filtersets" for ant2. With each copy task
you could associate a set of filters that would be used (instead of using
global filters). Not sure theres a better alternative except multiple
replaces in the meantime.



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