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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: debugging path problems
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2001 13:58:54 GMT
At 07:27  22/4/01 -0400, David Corbin wrote:
>Nico Seessle wrote:
>> > Anyway, that having been said, does ant make this decision when the path
>> > is declared, or used?
>> When it's declared.
>Well, if I can be sold bold, I think that's a mistake.  Isn't it
>reasonable to think that the path-element in question might be created
>during the execution of the build script?  It would seem the current
>design would have problems with this.

I used to think that but I was convinced otherwise by this list ;) The way
I ended up looking at it was to think of path being assigned to a name. It
is *interpreted* at assignment time - and all values are resolved.
Unfortunately due to placement *issues* of datatypes the only time they can
be assigned is during startup. This will change for ant2 though I assume.



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