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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: How to Reduce ANT memory use
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2001 02:06:31 GMT
At 12:09  21/4/01 +1200, Bevan Arps wrote:
>I have found that the size/complexity of your build.xml file has a
>disproportionately large impact on the amount of memory used by Ant.

yup ;(

>PS: Should Ant behave like this - or have I uncovered some kind of bug? 
>If this *is* a bug, I can try to trace it and find a solution.

It's not a bug per se but a "feature" of how Ant1 handles the task objects.
Luckily in Ant2 is most likely moving to a proxy based model so the memory
used should be about 

3 * sizeof( build.xml ) + sizeof( currentTask );

It has bitten me a few times aswell ;) One thing we can't deal well with is
some java tools in memory that leave lots of references about and don't
clean themselves up. We maybe able to fix this in Ant2 via smart use of
classloaders. ;)



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