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From Laramie Crocker <>
Subject getting stdout from tasks
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 00:10:33 GMT

Does anyone know how to get stdout from a task (either exec or an
extension of such that I can set a
property with the output?

We have a heirarchy of builds, and a little script to figure out
which beans we want on the classpath, and the classpath will change
for each target.  It seems simplest to run the little script that
generates the correct classpath for the target base directory.  

The problem is getting the result of that script, through stdout,
env, or whatever, back to an ant property

I'd like to do this:
<exec executable="/run/generateClasspath.tcl">
  <arg line="-rundir /run/pro">

Then somehow $myclasspath == the result of the exec.

I can see how to get info from ant INTO the java extension, or exec,
but I can't see how to get info OUT.

Ideas? Or better, more ant-y ways to do this?

Thanks very much,

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