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From Kai Bartels <>
Subject "experimental" task in group build file - how to?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 06:28:24 GMT
Hi gurus! :^)

I'd like to do the following but can't figure out how - any ideas?

We have a build file for the current project that everyone working on this
project uses, so changes on that file affect all of us. Now I'd like to
"play" with aspectj locally but also would like to use the build file for it.
How can I insert a ajc-task without breaking the build file for my team
mates who don't have the aspectj.jar installed on their machines?
When I only insert the taskdef into the build file, the jar is not required,
but as soon as I insert a target that uses ajc, ant tries to instantiate
the AJC class while parsing the build file (I'm not trying to _use_ the task
at that point!).

Is it possible to prepare our build file for aspectj in a way that the
aspectj.jar is only required if the task is actually to be executed?

greetinx, Kai
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