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Subject localclasspath
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:59:24 GMT
Has anyone else noticed the way that the LOCALCLASSPATH is constructed
differs between NT and Unix?  

Can I request that the ant libraries are added in the same way on both NT
and Unix?

>>> The problem >>>

The problem is that on NT, ant runs fine, but on Solaris it barfs and throws
the following error.

	Cannot load class SAXParserFactory class

In our application we use xerces, and some of the classes found in xerces
(including SAXParserFactoryImpl) are also found in the jaxp.jar and
parser.jar files provided with ant.  On NT these ant libraries are put at
the front of the LOCALCLASSPATH and on Solaris they are put at the end!

My guess is that on Solaris ant finds the SAX* classes in xerces.jar before
jaxp.jar/parser.jar and fails to run because of it.

If we change the way the ant libraries are added to LOCALCLASSPATH then Ant
will run, but will it compile (javac task) using LOCALCLASSPATH or
CLASSPATH?  If it compiles using LOCALCLASSPATH then we have a problem (at
least I think we do!).

King regards


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