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From <>
Subject could not fully load <...>Home for super class check??!!??
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 20:41:33 GMT
I've seen questions for this posted...but there doesn't seem to be any
definate answers.
I keep getting the aforementioned warning...the jars seem to build anyway...
what does it mean in the context of ant's build process?

I've played around w/ numerous variations of the classpath and include positive results, except when ant cannot locate my ejb-jar.xml
then I don't get the persnikety warning/error...but no jar either...poo

heres an excerpt from the ejbjar task from my build.xml:

 <ejbjar descriptordir="."  basejarname="${}"
       <include name="*-jar.xml"/>

           <pathelement path="${wl.classpath}"/>
           <pathelement path="${jar.classpath}"/>

  <weblogic destdir="${ejb.dir}"  rebuild="false"
compiler="${build.compiler}" newCMP="true">
              <pathelement path="${wl.classpath}"/>
              <pathelement path="${jar.classpath}"/>


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