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From "Nico Seessle" <>
Subject Re: pulling out the code from SourceSafe
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2001 19:14:20 GMT
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From: "Pinar Bicioglu" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 7:22 PM
Subject: RE: pulling out the code from SourceSafe

> It is running but I am not sure that it's running in a correct way. I am
> thinking maybe it just ignores that piece of code.

OK, from what you have written by now it really seems that this target is
not executed. How is the line that starts with "<project.." look like in
your build.xml? Is the attribute "default" pointing to your target
"get-code"? If not, how does the target to which the default-attribute
points look like? Does it have an attribute 'depends="..."' ? Maybe yo
should post your complete build.xml so we can have a look at it?

Another question. Have you considered to get in touch with Ant using a
simple build.xml which does not use vss*-tasks (simply compiling and maybe
generating API-docs and/or creating a jar file)?

>> That it is not asking for the username and the password is expected
>> behaviour. Why should it do so if you put your username and password in
>> build.xml? (Please do *not* try to remove them - it will try to do a
>> with the Username you used to logon to Windows, but it will not (in a
>> visible and usable way) ask for the password!)
> So it's fine whatever I write in login part. It takes the username and
> password that the programmer uses to login to his/her own computer ?

No, it uses the username and password you put in the "login" attribute of
the vssget task.

> Is it possible that I don't have "env.bat". I seem not to find it on my
> computer?? And I am suppose to execute it everytime i need to run "ant"
> right ?

Yes, very possible. You should create one yourself. Just start an editor and
out a line like

"SET SSDIR=\\server\share\dir\to\vss"

in the file. You can use edit for that, just execute "edit env.bat" in the
directory where your build.xml lives. And yes, you must execute that file
everytime you open a new DOS window. You must replace the \\server... thing
with other settings for your local environment. Ask your system
administrator if you are unsure which they are.

> I'am using ant1.3 which I downloaded from the company's network for now.

Do you mean *your* company network? Are there other people at your work
which use Ant? Maybe they have some experience with setting Ant up in your
local environment?


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