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From "pdw" <>
Subject Re: confusion about how to use the mapper
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 18:05:47 GMT
> > I am setting up my first ant project, and I am trying to figure out
> > how to dynamically build a fileset that contains all EJB interface
> > classes, but not the implementation classes.
> This is nothing you'd do with a mapper at all. A mapper is used to
> transform a filename into another, not to create inclusions or
> something similar.
> Unless your implementation classes have follow a naming conventions
> as well (so that you can make an exclude pattern from it), I don't see
> an easy way for right now - there might be a solution for problems
> like these in future versions of Ant, but I'm not sure.

There is a pattern: each EJB has three classes:,, and  The first two are the interfaces,
and I want to build a fileset containing these.  So it should be possible to
just look for *, and then the files that I want to include are
* and ($1).java, where ($1) is whatever the * matched in the
previous match.

If not with a mapper, then how can I do this?


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