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From "Victor Ganora" <>
Subject Don't want to wait for my forking tasks to complete
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 22:26:18 GMT
  I want to create a target that starts my servers. (One is tomcat, the
other an EJB container. They are <java> and <wlrun> tasks respectively.)
  I've written the two subtasks and they each run fine. Then I grouped them
into a separate empty task that depends on them both. The problem is that
the first task (being a server) never returns, so the second task never
  Yes, I'm using fork="true".
  Is there any way to have Ant start the threads separately and not wait for
the result codes?
  I know I could put two invocations of Ant into a batch file and run that
from the command line. (Or maybe with <exec>. Does it wait?), but that seems
inelegant solution.

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