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From "Dave Knox" <>
Subject Exec and Apply differences
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2001 09:19:27 GMT
Hello everyone,
I need a bit of reinforcement relative to the use of the exec and apply
task. My specific situation is this: I'm using exec to drive an idl
compiler. Within  the target, I am deleting the generated source files and
the derived files resultant from compiling the generated source. The target
fires every time I run the build the timestamp of the idl file not
withstanding. And I understand why.

My question is: will using the apply task stop the unnecessary task
execution? If so, how should the targetfile and srcfile elements be dealt
The source file is known. Its an idl file. The targetfile in this case is
problematic because there will be several.

thanks for any help,

David Knox
Iona Technologies Global Services
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