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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Differences in the Ant1.3 optional.jar between RPM and binary distributions
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 07:23:01 GMT
Scott Langley <> wrote:

>  Why does the optional.jar installed from the RPM file:
> rch.rpm
> differ from the file:
> 3-optional.jar

When Conor built the release version, he was not able to build all
optional things - I doubt there is an environment out there that
could.  People contributed compiled versions of missing pieces later
and the jar file has been updated. Probably nobody has given Henri a
heads-up (I'll do) to update the RPMs as well.

> Second question:
>  Why isn't the fact that these files optional.jar's differ mentioned
> anywhere, or did I miss it?

Several answers are possible, with "nobody noticed" being the most
likely one.

>  Would I be correct in assuming that the newer and larger version is
>  better?

More complete, not better. If you need an optional part of Ant that
has not been included in the RPM, you should use the stand alone JAR
file. If you are not missing anything, there is no point in using the
bigger one.


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