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From Spencer Marks <>
Subject Should I write a taskdef?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 02:57:52 GMT

I'd like to use Ant to start Resin, an Application server similar
to Tomcat. I'll set it up so each developer can start up their own instance
on a specific port of the server. I plan on using per user property
files for some of the specific settings.  

There are a couple of approaches I was considering. I could call exec and run a shell
script. I don't like that idea, because I think exec is best to be avoided
in order to get the cross platform benefits of a tool like Ant. 

The Java command might suffice, but I was thinking a TaskDef would be
more eloquent and reusable by others. 

What do others think of this problem and possible solutions. Any
suggestions would be welcome. 

Also, any pointers for getting started writing a TaskDef
would be appreciated. I've read the JavaDoc and looked at the source,
but was hoping for some additional guidelines or documentation for
writing them. 


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