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From <>
Subject <style> tag
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:25:25 GMT

I came across a bug / feature that I can't quite pin down in regards to
the <style> tag.    Here is what I'm doing:

<style basedir="meta" destdir="${temp.dir}" extension=".enum"
processor="xalan" style="xslt/XML2ENUM.xslt" includes="xml/*.xml"/>

The bug / feature is that the translated files appear under the xslt
directory as opposed to the destdir.  I noticed (through searching the
mailing list archives) that if you use the in= out= attributes that the
destdir is ignored.  However, I'm not using those attributes.

Can anyone explain to me why the output of the xslt script is not
appearing in the ${temp.dir} as directed by the destdir attribute?

I'm using Ant 1.3, XalanJ 2.0.0, and JDK1.3

Thanks for any help anyone has-


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