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From "Alex Soteros/Markham/Contr/IBM" <>
Subject EBCDIC encoding
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 14:01:22 GMT
I'm trying to use .ant to rebuild LotusXSL in an OS390 environment. I've
had several problems that probably relate to the fact that, although the
.jar code is Unicode, the implementation is written in EBCDIC.

My first problem is that, when I try to use the EBCDIC codepage cp1047 in
the encoding attribute on the first line of build XML ant tells me that it
doesn't recognize that encoding. I've tried EBCDIC (which my reading of the
XML spec says should work) and it gives me the same error. What EBCDIC
encoding attributes will work with ant?

Regards ...

Alex Soteros, Contractor
Office Phone (External): 905-316-3672
Office Phone (Tie Line): 886-3672
Alex Soteros/Markham/Contr/IBM@IBMCA

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