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Subject Re: using other compilers
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 21:18:05 GMT

This still does not work, any other ideas on how to get a idl compiler to
work from ant?
I am now trying:

<target name="idl">
    <exec executable="idl2java.exe">
       <arg line="



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Subject: using other compilers

> One other note, I will still have to use the javac compiler also.  So I
> need to be able to call the javac compiler, then the idl2java compiler
> javac again.  I do not know how to call the idl2java compiler.  I tryed
> exec command:
> <target name="idl">
>     <exec executable="idl2java
> {cm.root.dir}/com/i/cm/dna/sis/admin/Admin.idl" />
>   </target>

And you have read the documentation? It reads "executable  - the command to
execute without any command line arguments".

You should try something like

<target name="idl">
    <exec executable="idl2java">
     <arg value="{cm.root.dir}/com/i/cm/dna/sis/admin/Admin.idl" />


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