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Subject Re: JUnit optional task
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:17:19 GMT

Did you download the binaries or the source?  If you download the source
you can build it yourself and this fixed the problem for me.

                    <dani@laminar        To:     <>  
          >            cc:                                          
                                         Subject:     JUnit optional task                
                    11:51 AM                                                             
                    respond to                                                           

I'm having the same problem a number of others seem to be having, trying to
call junit (3.5) from ant (1.3).  Any advice would be appreciated.

The result of
                               <path refid="ebm.class.path" />
                               <pathelement location="${classes}" />
                                 <pathelement location
                         <test name=""/>


           BUILD FAILED

           C:\laminar\EBM\src\build.xml:312: Could not create task of type:
           junit. Common solutions are to use taskdef to declare your task,
           or, if this is an optional task, to put the optional.jar in the
           lib directory of your ant installation (ANT_HOME).

Placing junit.jar in the ant lib directory does not help.


- Dani Zweig

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