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From "Chris Todd" <>
Subject RE: Printable ant 1.3 manual anywhere?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 11:34:17 GMT

As mentioned, I am working on XML-izing the Ant docs, and I anticipate being
done with a first pass this week.  Unfortunately, I am not using DocBook, I
am using Anakia (at the moment, at least - it's convenient for some things,
and not so convenient for others, so I might switch to Apache's StyleBook,
or only use Anakia for generating the website version of the manual).

My intention was to set things up so that several versions of the docs could
be generated, e.g. a frames-based HTML similar to the current manual layout,
a single-page HTML suitable for printing, a PDF version, and finally a
JavaHelp version that could be easily integrated into Antidote (the Ant GUI
being developed by Simeon Fitch et al.) or any other GUI.

While your offer of assistance is appreciated, I believe I can finish the
docs fairly quickly without any assistance.  I took
up the task of XML-izing the docs because I was unemployed and looking for
something to do, but now that I (FINALLY) have a job, and will be starting
in a week or two, I have a fire under my butt to finish these docs quickly!

Chris Todd

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From: Ringo De Smet []
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Printable ant 1.3 manual anywhere?

> Ringo, I don't need more info but would happily accept a PDF
> :-) Are you volunteering?
> Actually someone is working on  creating documentation in XML
> format.

I wouldn't mind doing a one time conversion of the HTML manual
to XML, but only if that documentation would be the basis to
continue on, otherwise I consider it a waste of time. Since
someone is already working on documentation in XML I would like
to synchronized with him/her to finish a first draft.

Please confirm that it is the DocBook DTD he/she is using for
writing the XML documentation.


Ringo De Smet
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