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From "plim" <>
Subject Ant newbie
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 01:13:52 GMT
Hi I'm a newbie at Ant
Can somebody give me a hand at setting up my buidfile?

This is what I have...

My project root directory is called "root"
under the root directory I have 2 sub-directories called "src" and "classes"
I have a fixed set of java files in the src directory...

How can I setup a FileSet or just a property that list all my java files?
PatternSets will not work for me because I have many test/junk java files in
the src directory as well. I only want to compile the fixed set of java
Something like....
CLASSES =	momoAxis.class \
		momoColor.class \
		momoCoord.class \
		momoData.class \

How can I setup tasks to compile each java file in the src directory
and put the corresponding class files in the classes directory?
Also how do I use the depend task to generate dependencies for each class
Something like...
.SUFFIXES: .java .class
.java.class: $(DEPENDENCIES)
	$(COMPILER) $(COPTIONS) -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)"  $?

Thanks very much

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