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From "Rich Bagley" <>
Subject Ant task and basedir
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:31:26 GMT
Here's a simple little file (text.xml)

<project default="echo">
  <target name="echo">
    <echo message="${}"/>
    <exec executable="ls">
      <arg value="/export/projects/rbagley/projects/mailbox" />

  If I execute it from this ant script, ls returns -1

<project name="test-start" default="echo" basedir="..">
  <target name="echo">
   <ant antfile="scripts/test.xml" />

  If I execute it from this ant script, ls works

<project name="test-start" default="echo" basedir=".">
  <target name="echo">
   <ant antfile="test.xml" />

  The only thing different is the basedir - it only works if it is the
current directory.  This worked OK under version 1.2.  Anyone have any


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