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From "Michaël Smith" <>
Subject TAR problems using tarfileset
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 13:20:06 GMT
I have tried every combination and I can't get this to work.  The example in 
the ANT manual isn't valid XML (the </fileset> should be </tarfileset>) so 
I'm not sure if this task is supposed to be working.

Here is the portion of my build.xml:

        <delete dir="y:/test.tar"/>
        <tar longfile="gnu" tarfile="y:/test.tar">
          <tarfileset dir="y:/Common/common/.." mode="755"
                      username="deploy" group="deploy">
            <include name="**/"/>

And the output:

      [tar] common\conf\ omitted as Y:\test.tar is up to 
      [tar] eai-core\conf\ omitted as Y:\test.tar is up to 
      [tar] Nothing to do: Y:\test.tar is up to date.

I'm using ANT 1.4alpha, not sure which build.  Can someone please let me 
know if I'm making a mistake?  Thanks.


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