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From "Larry Yates" <>
Subject DUH...Why can't I get AWK to work?
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:24:57 GMT
For some reason, I can't get awk to work properly from Ant although it works
OK from the command line. Everything 'looks' OK (i.e. the directory does
contain html files)...

Any ideas?
Is there another way of making transformations (editing) on a list of files?

Here's the relevant part of the build.xml file:
   <target name="modify">
      <property name="from" value="servlet/" />
      <property name="to"   value="servletdemo/" />
      <exec dir="${html}" executable="awk" os="NONSTOP_KERNEL" >
        <arg line="'gsub(&quot;${from}&quot;,&quot;${to}&quot;)'

and here's the log:
     [exec] Myos = NONSTOP_KERNEL
     [exec] awk 'gsub("servlet/","servletdemo/")'
     [exec] awk: Cannot find or open file
     [exec]  The source line number is 1.
     [exec] Result: 2



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