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From Jim Moore <>
Subject RE: cvs usage
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:48:00 GMT
Expected -- just like it's expected that if you don't install a Java
compiler on your computer, the JAVAC task won't work.  Ant is a wrapper for
calling the programs involved, not for reimplementing compilation/cvs/etc.

-Jim Moore

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From: Stefan Lecho []
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 10:14 AM
To: ''
Subject: cvs usage

Apparently when you don't install a cvs command on the local machine
the cvs task doesn't work. Is this expected or unexpected behavior ?

Error trace CreateProcess: cvs -d
:pserver:bemlstle@bemls3:/home/rcs-cvs -q checkout solar_dev error=2 CreateProcess: cvs -d
:pserver:bemlstle@bemls3:/home/rcs-cvs -q checkout solar_dev error=2
        at java.lang.Win32Process.create(Native Method)

Stefan Lecho
  Internet Application Developer
  Wireless Technical Contact
  IconMedialab, Brussels +32.2.506.23.31

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