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From KC Baltz <>
Subject RE: New Task: Recorder. Feedback requested.
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:04:24 GMT
> > I'll try it here.  It sounds helpful for sending out emails.  
> > Is there a
> > provision for closing the recorder?  
> Not currently.  The print stream is flushed and closed on a 
> BuildFinished
> event.  Do you think that it should flush on every task 
> completion, target
> completion or every messaged logged?  Do you think that there 
> should be a
> task action to close the recorder (i.e.: <recorder file="${filename}"
> action="close" />) where this would force the closure of the 
> print stream?

I haven't played with it enough to know.  I guess it depends on how well it
catches problems.  I guess "close" wouldn't be needed because Ant will catch
any failures without crashing and so the recorder will never miss a message
or not get a chance to close the stream.

Flushing might be good for people who like to use tail -f to follow the
progress of the build.  Or perhaps if the log file were to be served up on a
web server.  


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