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From KC Baltz <>
Subject RE: New Task: Recorder. Feedback requested.
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:06:23 GMT
What is the default logging level?  The docs say that omitting this
parameter will cause no change, but what's it set to initially?

Also, s/coma/comma/g  :)

I'll try it here.  It sounds helpful for sending out emails.  Is there a
provision for closing the recorder?  Is this necessary?  How often does it
"flush"?  I assume it will catch a build as it fails.  Also, I would suggest
that it should be failsafe by default.  In other words, if something goes
wrong with recorder, by default it shouldn't fail the build.  But a
failOnError flag might be useful in that case.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jay Glanville []
> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 9:15 AM
> To: Ant-User (text)
> Subject: New Task: Recorder. Feedback requested.
> I have created a new task that I'd like to get some feedback 
> on.  Basically,
> the <recorder> task allows logging control within the build.xml file
> (currently, logging is only supported on the command line).
> I have attached the necessary java files and an HTML file 
> that documents how
> to use the task.
> I consider this to be of 0.5 level.  In other words, the basic core
> functionality works and is tested, but I want feedback from 
> users on all
> aspects of functionality: core and future possibilities.
> I have just submitted this code to the dev mailing list, but I'm also
> submitting it here in the hopes of getting more feedback.
> In order to use it with ant 1.3, you need to use the <taskdef> task to
> declare the task:
>   <taskdef name="recorder" 
> classname="" />
> and then use it in the way described in the attached html file.
> So, let me know what you think.
> Jay
> --
> Jay Dickon Glanville
> P068 - SiteManager Development, Nortel Networks
> 613-765-1144 (ESN 395-1144)
> MS: 045/55/A05
> E-Mail:

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