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From KC Baltz <>
Subject RE: Questions on the state of Ant features
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 14:00:39 GMT
See inline responses:

> KC Baltz <> wrote:
> > There are a couple of features that seem to be missing from 1.2 and
> > I was wondering when they were expected to appear (if at all).
> > 
> > - A task to increment build numbers.
> Uhm, I must admit that I have not followed these threads close enough,
> but isn't the optional <propertyfile> task in 1.3 supposed to this?

Yes, I see that now.  I hadn't realized that 1.3 was so close.  Thanks.

> > - The return of deltree ability.  I'd like to be able to say "here's
> > my build directory, delete it and anything under it."
> What is the problem with <delete dir="..." /> that needs to be
> addressed?

The problem was my own :).  I hadn't set the task up properly before.  I had
thought that 
	<fileset dir="..." .>
was equivalent, but it wasn't.  There was a problem with <delete> that has
been addressed in 1.3 with "includeEmptyDirs" and I thought that meant that
you couldn't do what you described above.

Everythings great.  Thanks for Ant 1.3


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