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From KC Baltz <>
Subject Bug with <delete includeEmptyDirs> ?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:57:20 GMT
I tried the new 1.3 form of <delete> with the includeEmptyDirs tag and found
it didn't quite do what I expected.  

Here's my XML:

		<delete includeEmptyDirs="true" >
			<fileset dir="${builddir}" />

I expected ${builddir} to be completely empty after running this task, but
it was not.  There were no files left, but lots of empty directories.  I
think the problem is that directories with subdirectories are not considered
empty, even if the subdirectories are.  Running this task repeatedly removes
one level of directories each time.  

So if I have:

the first iteration will rmdir /a/b/c, the next /a/b, and the last, /a.  

.C. Baltz
Senior Engineer
Response Networks, Inc.
North Andover, MA

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