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From Alexander Woodroffe <>
Subject RE: JUnit Integration with Ant 1.3
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 18:55:40 GMT
Cheers Denny

	However, even when the task def is defined and Junit is in the
ANT_HOME\lib the same error seems to occur. 
	I have also added JUnit to the classpath and the same result
occured. I tested this by removing JUnit form the lib and I recieved a
TestListner exception which indicates that it had found the JUnit.jar and
then I replaced it and removed the optional jar and I recieved a can't find
JUnitTask exception.
It appears that ant is having problems with loading the related classes.

Any other ideas would be great as I am still expericencing the same problem

>     [junit] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit/JUnitTestRunner

Cheers Alex

-----Original Message-----
From: Denny Chambers []
Sent: 16 March 2001 16:58
Subject: Re: JUnit Integration with Ant 1.3

Let me correct myself. Ignore the b. portion of my last posting. I did
not have to include the <classpath> element in the <taskdef>.\



Alexander Woodroffe wrote:
> Hi All
>     I am a new to Ant and relativley new to Java, and I have been
> experiencing a few problems with the JUnit optional task. I have upto now
> been using Ant 1.2 with the current optional jar along with JUnit3.5 to
> my Unit tests.
> However I would now like to move to Ant 1.3 so that I can make use of some
> of the new optional tasks. The problem is that I get a class definition
> exception. I'm a bit lost at this, as ant managed to locate the actual
> task in the optional jar which is in the same package.
> compile-test:
> test:
>     [junit] Running com.netdecisions.frameworks.AllTests
>     [junit] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit/JUnitTestRunner
>     [junit] TEST com.netdecisions.frameworks.AllTests FAILED
> Thanks in advance Alex

Denny Chambers
Linux Java Engineer
Connex, Inc
Voice: 770-455-7653
Fax: 770-455-7325

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