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From "Kuriti, Mohan" <>
Subject delete not working
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 21:56:55 GMT
> Hi Gurus, 
 > I am using the following target in my xml file. 
 The files are not getting deleted. 
  <target name="clean1" depends="dist"> 
 <!-- Delete the ${build} and ${dist} directory trees --> 
 <delete dir="${src}/${build}"/> > <!--delete dir="${dist}" /--> 
 </target> > > Can anybody help please? I am using ant1.2 . 
 Thanks in advance 

Are all the files not being deleted? Some of them? What do you see with the
-verbose or -debug flags? 

I've seen this before and it was because something else still had a handle
to one or more of the files you are trying to delete. Close all apps
(restart if necessary) and try it again. I've found TextPad (an editor for
Windows) will hold on to files after you've closed them.
 It's worth a shot. 
Andrew Goodnough Dana Commercial Credit Programmer 
I am not getting any files deleted. The target is not getting executed as
shown from the output to the console.
Can anybody give more pointers?

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