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From "Nolan Ring" <>
Subject antRun command in wrong format in Ant 1.3?
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 21:48:05 GMT

I'm wondering if the antRun command is in the wrong file format in the 1.3
distribution.  I have a build.xml file that uses exec to invoke some shell
scripts.  This worked in 1.2 but wasn't working in 1.3.  When I tried to run
antRun from the command line, I got "Command not found", despite the fact
that the permissions were ok ... when I editted the file with vi there were
^M characters at the end of the line.  

I moved the original antRun file out of the way and created a new antRun
with vi, typed in the contents of the file, and all's working again.



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