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Subject <java> task & files on standard input
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 17:36:13 GMT


Help would be much appreciated.

>From command line I can do something like as follows

java -classpath myjar.jar myClass.Main -arg1 -arg2 blah < file.txt

where Main is expecting a spec. file on standard input.

Have tried

<java classname="myClass.Main" fork="yes" dir="/path/to/files">
   <arg value="-arg1" />
   <arg value="-arg2" />
   <arg value="blah" />
   <arg value="&lt;" />
   <arg value="file.txt" />
      <pathelement location="myjar.jar" />

and also instead with single <arg line :

<arg line="-arg1 -arg2 blah &lt; file.txt" />

However, in both cases I get an error saying

[java] Unrecognized option "<"

Could anyone tell me how to pass info about a file on standard input.

Many thanks in advance

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