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From "DUBCHAK, JOHN [Non-Pharmacia/1000]" <>
Subject Creating an EJB jar file
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 16:42:25 GMT

Forgive me for a new comer-like question, but I was having difficulty doing
this and thought there might be many on the list who have done this

I have a "jar" task in my build.xml file that jar's up all of the .class
files associated with an EJB.  I want to also add the deployment descriptor
and container specific xml file from the META-INF directory of the project.
Is there a way to this as part of the original jar task?  

The only solution I found was to create a zipfileset that zips/jars the EJB
.class files and then adds the deployment descriptors.  Is this the correct
approach, or are others doing it differently?

Thanks in advance,

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