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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: Finding file types in <fileset>
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 19:28:12 GMT
rOn 12 Mar 2001 07:51:45 +0100, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>David J. Iannucci <> wrote:
>> The <fileset> task allows you to choose a set of files
>> based on file names, but how about on file _types_?
>This is not possible for a fileset, at least not now. The <execon>
>task and its relatives <apply> and <chmod> support a type attribute to
>filter based on file type.

I have a submission on the ant-dev list that would support this. It
would work as follows:

  <fileset dir="\tmp\fromDir">
    <AttributeFileCuller fileDir="dir" />

I am not sure what it status on being accepted is. If I hear more I
will reply here.


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