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From "Badakhchani, Hussein" <>
Subject ejbs, package structures, having your cake and eating it
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 14:04:20 GMT
Hello, I have just recently started using ant and it's great, but I need some help
or ideas to try and resolve a build situation at work, here's my problem

Our current directory structure looing like this

  |       |----appx
  |       |      |--META-INF
  |                     |---(one dirty great ejb-jar.xml file for implementation x)
  |                     |---(another dirty great ejb-jar.xml file for implementation y)
  |     |--(packaged source code)
  |----build(where the container ejb-jar.jars sit in)

When we run ant it basicly compiles all the source code under src then builds the ejb-jar
files based on the deployment descriptors in the deploy directory. These deployment descriptors
identify beans that are in one functional group.

Now I don't like this structure very much I would prefer something like this

  |       |---src
  |       |---deloy(individual descriptors for ejb's sharing common interfaces)
  |       |---build
  |       build.xml
  |       |---src
  |       |---deloy
  |       |---build
  |       build.xml

The build.xml and files under protal, are used to encapsulate shared project
information, the build then "asks" each module to build itself (perhaps passing some parameters
to the
module build.xml) this works prefectly well, every bean is packaged into it's own jar. Unfortuately
some of my collegues like there beans in functional groups and have objected to my proposed
directory structure (even though they see the benefits) when I suggested that we could write
a task to create EAR files to represent the functional groups they weren't impressed, so now
I need to find an "easy" way to produce functional groups of ejb's from my modular structure,
any help would be most appreciated.

I am moving towards the idea of writing an xml file for each functional group and using xslt
in combination with a dirctory scanner to create the ejb-jar.xml files then jar these files
in the usual way.

Thanks in advance. 

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