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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: Spaces in classpath
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 12:50:32 GMT
Whether you like spaces in classpaths or not they *must* be supported.
A prime example of this is the JAXP parser from the guys at Sun
themselves.  The default installation path for JAXP is 'c:\Program
Files\JavaSoft\JAXP1.0.1', the installation program automatically puts a
reference to that path in CLASSPATH.  So if the guys at JavaSoft are
doing that... :o)

I've reported this as a bug in Ant 1.3, it didn't seem that this was a
bug in 1.2.

Regards, Stefan.

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From: Steve Buroff []
Sent: 9. mars 2001 12:47
Cc: Buroff, Steven
Subject: RE: Spaces in classpath

I can't fix it myself but I just wanted to comment that I
think not handling spaces in pathnames is a serious
bug that will make ant unusable for a lot of people
on Windows.

Personally, I hate spaces in pathnames but I appear
to be in the minority. Lots of people use them and
they should be supported.

Steve Buroff

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From: []On
Behalf Of Weiqi Gao
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 7:35 AM
Subject: Re: Spaces in classpath

Stephen New wrote:
> Hello,
> Excuse me if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't see
it on
> the FAQ page.
> My execution of the "java" built-in task fails because my the file
> the classpath have spaces in them. (Running on Windows NT). Basically
> to simulate putting double-quotes around the classpath, like:
> java -cp "f:\Filepath With Spaces" com.mycompany.MyClass
> How do I do this? Or do I have to remove the spaces from my filepath?

I'd say remove the spaces from your classpath for now if you don't have
the time to track down the problem.

If you know where the problem is, you can simply correct it in your own
copy of Ant.

If you want the official distribution to behave correctly too, send in a
patch, or post how the fix is done and let someone else generate the

Weiqi Gao

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