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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: rmic task info
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 16:07:03 GMT
thanks, I found out what I was doing wrong... very stupid mistake on my
behalf... rmic compiles the class files but not the java files... so I
was simply trying to compile the wrong set of classes.

Thanks for your suggestion though.

Regards, Stefan.

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From: []
Sent: 1. mars 2001 15:12
Subject: RE: rmic task info

In the examples, when they show a includes they usually use \ instead of
Perhaps you can try that ?


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From: Stefán F. Stefánsson []
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 4:31 AM
To: Ant-User
Subject: rmic task info


I'm a newbie to Ant so I hope you'll tolerate this newbie question.

I'm trying to get rmi to compile some * files.  This is not
working for me and here's what I have in my build.xml:
<project name="ips.server" default="compile" basedir=".">
	<target name="compile" depends="prepare">
		<javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${build}">
			<classpath refid="ips.classpath" />
		<rmic base="${src}" classpathref="ips.classpath"
includes="com/decode/ips/server/*" />

As you can see I have a javac task in there also and that's working just
fine.  What I want to do is to have the rmic task compile all java files
ending with -Impl.  This is not happening.  One other thing I don't
quite get is the 'base' attribute to the rmic task.  What exactly does
that specify?  Does it specify the source code root (the folder that
contains the com/decode/ips/server/ directory where all the files are
that I want to compile), or does it specify where I want the generated
files and class files to go?  If it specifies the destination of the
generated files then what specifies the source directory?  Is it the
basedir attribute of the project tag or..???

Hoping someone can help me out here...

Kind regards, Stefan.

Stefan Freyr Stefansson
Software Developer
deCODE Genetics, Inc.

Phone: (+354) 570 2854
GSM:   (+354) 861 1718
Fax:   (+354) 491 3782
 <<Stefan Stefansson.vcf>> 

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