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From David Martinez <>
Subject Mozilla-style VersionBlame?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:38:30 GMT

I am more or less a beginner with ant but I am helping implement it in our
organization's automated builds (already use it for my personal stuff). So
please bear with me if this already exists.

I have a recommendation for a future version of Ant - a VersionBlame task.

The idea is to do the same thing does in their automated builds
(they call it "cvsblame"):

If there is a compile error that breaks the build, query the version control
system (the different version control tasks ant already has should implement
some sort of unified interface for this purpose) for the name & email
address of the last check-in on the files that broke.

Then the task would output an HTML page showing all the errors with their
VersionBlame person on an HTML table and (if an email is available) send an
e-mail to each of these people letting them know how they broke the build.

I am not too familiar with the underlying architecture of the Perforce and
CVS tasks though - how feasible is this to implement? I'm also worried
because I don't know how easy it would be to change the setOut to the task's
own PrintStream, which would print to the real System.Out and also parse the
errors to provide them to VersionBlame.

I could help on the weekends implement something like this, but I need to
know who to contact.

Am I making any sense?


- David

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