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From Dave Martin <>
Subject Solaris 7 Checksum error on untarring Binary release
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 04:58:48 GMT
Running Solaris 7, I downloaded the latest binary release of 
Ant (jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.tar.gz).

My copy of gunzip complained about the .gz extension, so
I renamed it to jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.tar.Z; I was successful.

As I often do, I then ran the 'tar tvf jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.tar' 
command to check the contents of the archive; this too
was succesful.

But when I ran 'tar xvf jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.tar' it ran partway
and choked like this:

...output looks normal up to here ...
FileUtils.html, 10452 bytes, 21 tape blocks
tar: directory checksum error

On further investigation, the 'tar tvf' command informs me that
the file it chokes on is:


These files intersperse all the .html files in the /constantpool

I unpacked the whole thing on my NT box, excised
this directory, and tarred it up again (using Cygwin). 

When I moved this new version of the tarball onto Solaris,
it unpacked just fine.

My guess is that Solaris 7's version of tar is averse the the long
(> 80 character) file name?  Anybody heard about this problem
before?  I don't particularly care about the directory of docs, but
I want to convince the people at my office to use Ant, and if it is
this much of a pain to install on Solaris, I am going to have a 
hard time.

Could you please reply to my e-mail address, as I am not an
official member of the User's list?

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