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From Les Hughes <>
Subject RE: Mozilla-style VersionBlame?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:37:03 GMT
Yet more 2p / 1c.

It seems like we're talking about getting an SCM to replace communication
between developers in a team? In the windows Perforce client it's easy to
see that a file you are about to CO for edit is already out with another
user or if your version is out of date (the icons change). In that case we
get our developers to ask "Whatchadoing?"

I guess because CVS works differently to Perforce that it could be (more)
prone to the kind of race condition described but since I don't use it I
can't comment.

As for a CI verification build, that's fine if your builds only take a few
mins but impractical if they're of any length. What you do need is
*frequent* integration builds, at least once per day if your system is small
enough (we build every night and only find the odd infrequent 'broken'
build, maybe once per fortnight.)


But, I can see how a blame task could be useful - hook it into you telephony
system and phone the developer after the broken 3am build :-} So here's some
details of the P4 internals.

Diverting stdout - no need! Create a P4XXXHandler (look at the example in
P4Change or P4Edit) P4Base will pipe the p4 command output through this for
processing, for you - aint that nice of it? Then using the Perl5Util (called
util) in the base class, you can do all kinds of groovy pattern matches and
substs. The p4 commands you're after, if you're looking for a p4blame
task/listner/etc. will probably be p4 changes and p4 files. 


Have fun....


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From: David Martinez []
Sent: 22 March 2001 18:08
To: ''
Subject: RE: Mozilla-style VersionBlame?

Thank you! 

I will probably rip that part out (I hope it's orthogonal enough) and start
work on a P4 implementation (as soon as I have time, I should be able to get
started late next week). From a cursory look I think I only have to

Thanks again, 

- David 

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From: Stefan Bodewig [ <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 11:17 PM 
Subject: Re: Mozilla-style VersionBlame? 

David Martinez <> wrote: 

> I have a recommendation for a future version of Ant - a VersionBlame 
> task. 

Take a look at Alexandria <
<> >, it 
contains a blame task (for CVS only AFAIK). 

Yep, here it is 
apache/alexandria/blame/> > 


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