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From Jeffrey Porter <>
Subject Re: ANT 1.3 - JavaC - Exclude not working.
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 08:34:23 GMT

I have two separate javac tasks, the first builds my API, the seconds my

The inner class gets parsed & built in the first task.
It is in the second task, the compilation of the testSuite in which is it
The output (verbose) does not show the inner class being loaded, it shows other
classes & inner classes. Just not this particular inner class.

The strange thing is that if I let the build.xml script run & fail, then I run
the build.xml again it works. If I exclude the inner class & compile the rest
of the classes & then have another javac
target (a third one) to compile the testSuite that has  a dependency on the
inner class, it still

I am really getting annoyed with this, if you could help it would be great.


Jay Glanville wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, do any other classes have a dependency on this file?
> Are there other classes in the same package that are being compiled?  In
> other words, while ant may not be telling the compiler to compile this one
> specific file, the compiler my be trying to compile it due to dependency
> resolution.
> To confirm that ant is not including it in the compile list, use the
> -verbose command line parameter and see if this file is in the list of files
> sent to the compiler.
> Jay
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> From: Jeffrey Porter []
> Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 11:08 AM
> To:
> Subject: ANT 1.3 - JavaC - Exclude not working.
> I'm tying to complie a bunch of source code and there is a dependancy in
> the code.
> All I want to do is to exclude the file.....
> >From the javac command. (so hence the compile error will not occur)
> I've tried both the following command and neither work.
> <exclude name="**/" />
> &
> excludes ="**/"
> Someone please help.
> JP.
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.........if in doubt, get a hammock

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