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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: Installing ant
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:45:26 GMT

In all the conversation with the problems using tar, the thought occurred
to me, "What about cpio?"

You can unpack the .tar.gz Linux (which uses GNU tar) with:
    tar -zxvf jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.tar.gz
Then create a compressed cpio archive:
    find jakarta-ant-1.3 |cpio -ocv |gzip -v >jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.cpio.gz
Copy the archive to your Solaris or other machine lacking GNU tar and
unpack it with:
    gzcat jakarta-ant-1.3-bin.cpio.gz |cpio -icmdv
Or, if you have remote shell access to the Solaris machine, run it in a
    find jakarta-ant-1.3 |cpio -ocv |
        rsh solaris-box "cd /dir-to-install; cpio -icmd"


Conor MacNeill wrote:
> Martin,
> From: "Martin Monsorno" <>
> > Well, good question, after a little testing I finally found
> > out, how I really did it (:-) sorry):
> >
> > I uncompress the tar.gz file on the Linux machine and copy it
> > to the Sun. There I unpack it with Solaris's tar, get a
> > "directory checksum error" message and ignore it.
> > Then I just use ant. Somehow it works, maybe some tasks I do
> > not use are broken, I do not know.
> >
> > A jar-package may work correctly, I will test this, if I will
> > get problems with my solaris installation.
> You can use the zip file from the distribution which should be equivalent
> to a jar. Then you will have no problems with filename lengths but you will
> have problems with file and directory permissions missing the execute bit.
> I am not sure how Sun's tar recovers from the directory checksum error but
> there could be large parts of your distribution missing :-( In particular
> the documentation and code for the <depend> task will be toast.
> You could try getting gnu tar installed on your solaris box (I have mine
> available as gtar) or untar on your Linux box and then transfer to the sun
> in chunks

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