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From David J Iannucci <>
Subject Re: mapper type="regexp" doesn't work (was: Can't find <apply>task)
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 00:21:33 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> Are the regexp jars in your classpath?

OK, so after the second person wrote exactly the same
thing, I started thinking :-) and cruising around the
documentation again... and stumbled upon a different
place in the documentation that said what and where
the jars were that are needed for this purpose.

So I downloaded the right one, put it in my classpath,
and bingo, it works.

Folks, I'd call this a "failure of documentation".
Looking only at the documentation for <mapper> was
not enough to tell me what I needed to know.  In fact
it even says that "Ant comes with implementations for
jakarta-regexp and jakarta-ORO," which leads me to
believe that everything I need is already included
in the ant tarball, so of course I don't think I need
to go looking for something other than what I've
already got.

Oh well... that's life I guess :-)
Thanks again to those who responded.


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