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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Composite tasks and symlinks?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:51:54 GMT
At 08:07  26/3/01 -0500, Seth Landsman wrote:
>> >	(BTW, I've been thinking about a CJAN-like system for a while.  I'd
>> >be interested in working on such a system.)
>> excellent - it sounds like you are volunteering ? ;)
>	Definitely.  It sounds like an interesting project.  Is this still
>blue-sky-ish, or has actual work / discussion happened (and where)?

discussion has happened. Unfortunately it is distributed across a number of
projects (Commons, Ant and probably Alexandria). It was originally
suggested by Jon Stevens in december or so - which should be in the
archives (Sorry can't be more specific). No actual work has occured as I
think everyone has been waiting on ant2 (or at least I know I have).

The technical aspects should be doable - the only limitation that as yet no
one has mentioned is the legal constraints. Under CJAN it would presumably
required that a master list and perhaps a complete directory of products be
stored. Some products may not be copyright apache, some may be GPL etc. The
problem is one of control and bandwidth. Someone could publish "unsafe"
code in cjan (ie crypto or decss type code) and we have to be able to shut
behaviour like that as soon as possible. However we also don't want to be
trying to police cjan too much. In the end it will be up to the PMC (or
perhaps Apache members/board) whether they are willing to take this risk
and provide the bandwidth or if it needs to be hosted elsewhere.

>	An http header should have a last-editted header, or something
>like that, right?  Ideally, you should be able to determine whether or
>not you need to redownload without actually downloading the jar file.
>The <GET> task supports this via usetimestamp.
>	Looking forward to CJAN, there needs to be information that can
>be gathered without downloading the whole jar (especially if the jar is big).
>Perhaps an XML document that is associated with the jar can be downloaded
>and inspected first.

A nice XML product descriptor would be good that listed things like
dependencies, description, version, authout, source etc. I looked at a few
things (RPMs/elisp packages being main focus) and there is a rough
conformity in what each describes. We would just have to
amalgamate/collect/think of a good way to describe it all ;)

>> >	I wonder if there should be a seperate package for unix-specific
>> >tasks?  org.apache.ant.task.unix.symlink, for example.
>> in ant2 - yep - however now to keep backwards compatability we are lumping
>> them altogether ;)
>	Okay.  This one just needs some commenting and a license thrown on.
>I'll send a patch to bugzilla for this (in the task., not task.unix package).

kewl ;)


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