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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Composite tasks and symlinks?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 08:58:30 GMT
At 12:27  25/3/01 -0500, Seth Landsman wrote:
>	Well, in an ideal setting I wouldn't have to.  However, I still
>need to integrate with my existing build system.  Also, the symlink farm
>lets me point to specific versions, without having the user need to worry
>about it.

ahh okay.

>	(BTW, I've been thinking about a CJAN-like system for a while.  I'd
>be interested in working on such a system.)

excellent - it sounds like you are volunteering ? ;)

>	project-wide and workspace-wide looks useful to me.  My framework
>could be considered a workspace, with the user inheriting some specific 
>settings based on the fact that they are using the framework.

yep - thats what I would like to see. Hopefully we can wait till ant2.0 is
a little closer to reality we will see if ant supports that better ;)

>	Right.  I need to figure out how to do an up-to-date check for
>downloading my jars.

I was thinking about doing it in one of two ways. With a specific naming
pattern. ie

name-version.jar (where version included major, minor and patchlevel).

or alternatively by looking at manifest entries of jar files.

>	Okay.  I need to give it some clean up, but I'll post the file later

kewl ;)

>	I'll give it a shot.  What types of core changes are going into
>ant2?  I haven't seen a document specifying that.  Or is that still under

Still under discussion - it will largely be a complete rewrite so anything
and everything is possible ;)

>	I wonder if there should be a seperate package for unix-specific
>tasks?  org.apache.ant.task.unix.symlink, for example.

in ant2 - yep - however now to keep backwards compatability we are lumping
them altogether ;)



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