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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: jakarta/Ant naming convention nightmares
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 01:10:46 GMT
I just bounced this message to general where it would be possible to
actually effect the changes ;)

At 03:42  20/3/01 -0600, Daniel Mahler wrote:
>* jakarta-<project>-src-<version>.<archivetype> for the distribution
>* name of the unpacked directory may or may not contain the "-src"
>* {build,dist}/jakarta-<project> for the default install directories
>* <project>.<property> for the ant properties

Thats not neccesarily the case. Some projects follow the
standard, some don't include a directory but extract into current directory

>* <project>-<version>.<archivetype> for the source distribution


Or perferrably (with caps)

>* <project>-<version> for the expanded top directory


>* {build,dist}/<project>-<version> for the default install directories
>  together with a {build,dist}/<project> symlink to the directory

Not sure what you mean here - could you clarify? I think the install
location is generally system/distribution specific. /usr/local/java/,
/usr/local/, /opt/, /Program Files/, /Applications/ etc generally different
for each OS

>* just <property> for the buildfile properties pertaining to the current

I am not sure what you mean by <property> - what does it contain ?



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