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From Ringo De Smet <>
Subject CJAN (was Re: Composite tasks and symlinks?)
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:22:13 GMT

--- Seth Landsman <> wrote: 
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 11:51:54PM +1000, Peter Donald wrote:
> > The technical aspects should be doable - the only limitation
> that as yet no
> > one has mentioned is the legal constraints. Under CJAN it
> would presumably
> > required that a master list and perhaps a complete directory
> of products be
> > stored. Some products may not be copyright apache, some may
> be GPL etc. The
> > problem is one of control and bandwidth. Someone could
> publish "unsafe"
> > code in cjan (ie crypto or decss type code) and we have to
> be able to shut
> > behaviour like that as soon as possible. However we also
> don't want to be
> > trying to police cjan too much. In the end it will be up to
> the PMC (or
> > perhaps Apache members/board) whether they are willing to
> take this risk
> > and provide the bandwidth or if it needs to be hosted
> elsewhere.
> 	I see two easy, non-ideal options.
> 1. A package (unless it has an exception) needs to sit in the
> incoming
> 	queue for n (n = 24?) hours before it gets listed publically.
> 	Therefore, the queue managers can step in before it gets
> published.
> 	Known good authors could be given an exception.  This 
> 	exception happens by signing the upload package with a GPG
> 	key.

Maybe a good starting point for defining a package system or
CJAN as well as a maintainers policy is to look at the Debian
package and Debian developer guides. I know that Debian depends
a lot on Perl, but functionality wise, this is what I would like
to have in Java. Together with the alternatives system in
Debian, I can have many versions of a package on my system
without any trouble. The Debian dpkg ant apt tools have always
worked for me, while RedHat's RPM has fucked up my Linux system
more than one time. However, I stopped working with Redhat about
two years ago, so these quircks could have been resolved


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