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From Seth Landsman <>
Subject Re: Composite tasks and symlinks?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:07:25 GMT
> >	(BTW, I've been thinking about a CJAN-like system for a while.  I'd
> >be interested in working on such a system.)
> excellent - it sounds like you are volunteering ? ;)

	Definitely.  It sounds like an interesting project.  Is this still
blue-sky-ish, or has actual work / discussion happened (and where)?

> >	project-wide and workspace-wide looks useful to me.  My framework
> >could be considered a workspace, with the user inheriting some specific 
> >settings based on the fact that they are using the framework.
> yep - thats what I would like to see. Hopefully we can wait till ant2.0 is
> a little closer to reality we will see if ant supports that better ;)

	Okay.  I need to follow the dev list more closely to see what is
happening with 2.0.

> >	Right.  I need to figure out how to do an up-to-date check for
> >downloading my jars.
> I was thinking about doing it in one of two ways. With a specific naming
> pattern. ie
> name-version.jar (where version included major, minor and patchlevel).
> ant-1.2.1.jar
> or alternatively by looking at manifest entries of jar files.

	An http header should have a last-editted header, or something
like that, right?  Ideally, you should be able to determine whether or
not you need to redownload without actually downloading the jar file.
The <GET> task supports this via usetimestamp.
	Looking forward to CJAN, there needs to be information that can
be gathered without downloading the whole jar (especially if the jar is big).
Perhaps an XML document that is associated with the jar can be downloaded
and inspected first.

> >	I'll give it a shot.  What types of core changes are going into
> >ant2?  I haven't seen a document specifying that.  Or is that still under
> >discussion?
> Still under discussion - it will largely be a complete rewrite so anything
> and everything is possible ;)

	Okay.  I need to pay more attention in -dev and probably get involved
a little more once a tasklist is decided upon.

> >	I wonder if there should be a seperate package for unix-specific
> >tasks?  org.apache.ant.task.unix.symlink, for example.
> in ant2 - yep - however now to keep backwards compatability we are lumping
> them altogether ;)

	Okay.  This one just needs some commenting and a license thrown on.
I'll send a patch to bugzilla for this (in the task., not task.unix package).


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