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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Jikes; JDK1.3; JDK1.1.8 Project! Oh my!
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 19:38:49 GMT
--- Greg Kedge <gkedge@HotMail.COM> wrote:

> Your environment is identical to the one in which I need to run. My Ant
> 1.2 build files are set up to run using a classic compiler so as to
> assure compilation against JDK 1.1.8 alone. However, I have
> used jikes on my own, overriding -Dbuild.compiler="jikes". But, I always
> ran the risk of the class path including JDK 1.3 rt.jar. Supposedly 1.3
> was going to give folks better control over the jar file selection at
> compile time. Is there a reference you can site that would help me
> transition from Ant 1.2->1.3 to deal with this mix environment(jikes,
> Ant using 1.3, for projects that are delivered to run in 1.1.8 ONLY!)
> I'm looking for a strategy to start from and perhaps example <javac>
> targets for such a situation.

Pre-1.3, I had a modified that turned off (hard-coded, in the
source-file) adding the system run-time libs -- but with 1.3, things have
been reworked to be much more flexible. In addition to being able to add
functionality for other compilers much more easily, you also now have two
new attributes, includeAntRuntime and includeJavaRuntime, that let you
specify whether not only the system run-time but the Ant libs will be
included in the classpath. If you specify these as "no", then include the
1.1.8 file in the <classpath> you specify, you should be good
to go (I'm guessing even if you do use 'javac' as your compiler, but I
haven't tested that).

Note that I didn't have <javac> tasks set up to be flexible about what
classpath they used, since no flexiblity was allowed -- but if you're
looking to compile the same source, using different combinations of
compiler/classes, you could probably do that with property files that get
read in accordingly.



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