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From Daniel Mahler <>
Subject jakarta/Ant naming convention nightmares
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 21:42:15 GMT

I install and maintain a lot publicly available software.
I am not a superuser so I have a subdirectory in my home directory
with the same structure as /usr/local.
I use stow to keep my installation sane, and to avoid having
a $PATH as long as your arm.
I have a Makefile which automates the
untar/configure/make/install/stow process.
I just cd to ~/local and say 'make package-version'
and, for the vast majority of distributions,
that is all I need to do.
This relies on a very simple naming convention being used in most distributions
I now need to install the various jakarta packages.
I figured I would just extend my script and all would be well.

However, the distributions use a rather baroque naming convention:

* jakarta-<project>-src-<version>.<archivetype> for the distribution
* name of the unpacked directory may or may not contain the "-src"
* {build,dist}/jakarta-<project> for the default install directories
* <project>.<property> for the ant properties

writing a generic script to automate this is a royal pain.
The following to simplify install automation:

- either drop the jakarta prefix or always use it as a part of the
  project name

Assuming  "jakarta-" is dropped:

* <project>-<version>.<archivetype> for the source distribution
* <project>-<version> for the expanded top directory
* {build,dist}/<project>-<version> for the default install directories
  together with a {build,dist}/<project> symlink to the directory
* just <property> for the buildfile properties pertaining to the current project


PS: here is the MakeFile I use,
it assumes TAR, SRC and STOW subdirectories of ~/local

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